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Jared Leto To Star As Playboy Hugh Hefner In New Biopic

first_img Email Twitter Facebook The Oscar winner will portray “Playboy” founder Hugh Hefner, who died Sept. 27 at age 91, for an upcoming biopic by filmmaker Brett Ratner (The Revenant, Hercules, “Prison Break”).”Jared is an old friend,” Ratner told The Hollywood Reporter. “When he heard I got the rights to Hef’s story, he told me, ‘I want to play him. I want to understand him.’ And I really believe Jared can do it. He’s one of the great actors of today.”The film is still in the early development stages via Ratner’s RatPac Entertainment. Ratner has had his eyes on the project since 2007, when it was a property of Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment. More immediately, Leto is set to star in Blade Runner 2049, which debuts in theaters on Oct. 6.Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Trailer Released For New Documentary Jared Leto To Play “Playboy” Founder Hugh Hefner jared-leto-star-playboy-hugh-hefner-new-biopic Oscar winner will get his opportunity to “understand” “Playboy” mogul in new film by Brett RatnerTim McPhateGRAMMYs Oct 4, 2017 – 9:20 am 30 Seconds To Mars dropped a new single, “Walk On Water,” in August as a tease to their upcoming fifth studio album. In the meantime, frontman Jared Leto has set his sights on his latest film project. News Jared Leto To Star As “Playboy” Hugh Hefner In New Biopic NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Dec 2, 2014 – 10:58 pm Jared Leto And 30 Seconds To Mars: The GRAMMYs Will Reset The Calendarlast_img read more

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Facebook could hand over identity data for users suspected of hate speech

first_imgHate speech has been a nasty problem on social media. Graphic by Pixabay; illustration by CNET Facebook has struck a deal with France to turn over identity information on users suspected of posting hate speech on the platform, Reuters reported Tuesday. Digital Affairs Minister Cédric O said he reached an agreement with the social media site, according to the report. Facebook has also been using artificial intelligence technology to combat the increasing problems of fake accounts, fake news and hate speech. Between October 2018 and March 2019, Facebook took down more than 3 billion fake accounts, estimating that around 5% of monthly active accounts are fake. The deal with France came after talks between French President Emmanuel Macron and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Reuters said, adding that Facebook already hands over identity data like IP addresses to French authorities for users suspected of terrorist activity. The hate speech deal was made last week in a meeting between O and Nick Clegg, Facebook head of global affairs, the report said. “It means that the judicial process will be able to run normally,” O told Reuters. “It’s really very important, they’re only doing it for France.” A Facebook spokesperson told CNET that the company will “scrutinize every order” it receives from French authorities “and push back if is overbroad, inconsistent with human rights or legally defective.” “As a matter of course, we will no longer refer French law enforcement authorities to the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty process to request basic information in criminal hate speech cases,” the spokesperson added in an emailed statement Tuesday afternoon. Mobile Mobile Apps Politics Online Inside Facebook’s election war room Facebook: New AI tech spots hate speech faster Twitter, Facebook ban far-right figures for fake accounts, hate speech Facebook takes down more than 3 billion fake accounts Share your voice Facebook combats hate speech 13:29 Now playing: Watch this: 41 What Facebook and Google say they’re doing to combat… 9 Photos Comments Tags The AI being used by the social media giant’s engineers is called self-supervised learning and enables the tech behind the site to adapt faster to spotting new forms of hate speech. “It’s really easy to lose hope, to pack up and go home,” Mike Schroepfer, Facebook chief technology officer, said in May. “But we can’t do that. We’re here to bring a better future to people, with technology.” Originally published June 25, 11:25 a.m. PT.   Update, 4:09 p.m.: Adds comment from Facebook. Facebooklast_img read more

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Shamim Osman meets SP Harun

first_imgNarayanganj-4 lawmaker Shamim Osman takes lunch sitting beside superintendent of police Harun-Ur-Rashid at a Pahela Baishakh event hosted in SP Bungalow. Photo: Prothom AloWhile tension continues with the law enforcers, Narayanganj-4 lawmaker Shamim Osman attended a Pahela Baishakh event hosted by superintendent of police Mohammad Harun-Ur-Rashid.SP Harun welcomed Shamim Osman to his bungalow and they had lunch together on Sunday.Narayanganj district Awami League president Abdul Hai, public prosecutor Wazed Ali Khokon, chamber of commerce and industries president Khaled Haider Khan Kajal also joined the lunch.Earlier on 6 April, Shamim Osman allegedly threatened Harun as the police officer launched a drive against drug dealers and terrorists.Some associates of Osman were arrested at the crackdown.Criticising police for filing general diary against Narayanganj city Awami League’s joint secretary Shah Nizam and filing a case against Osman’s brother in law Titu, the lawmaker said, ‘People don’t want to see uniformed terrorists,’ apparently indicating Harun.Harun in the same day organised a press briefing and vowed to continue the drive against drug dealers, terrorists and land grabbers.“We will not spare the criminals, no matter how powerful they are,” Harun told the press briefing.Harun even submitted a written complaint to the home ministry against Shamim Osman.The conflict between Narayanganj police and Shamim Osman is the talk of the town at this moment.Osman, a powerful leader of Narayanganj AL was at loggerheads with the police since Harun joined as district SP on 26 December last year.last_img read more

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Houston Company Takes Telecommuters Around The World For A Year

first_imgListen Share To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Andrew SchneiderMeredith Kalinov is one of the co-founders of Pangea196, along with Lawrence Kalinov, Stela Tomova and Bobby Mansour.If you work remotely from home or a coffee shop, why not just work from an exotic vacation spot?That’s the concept of Houston startup company Pangea196.For $27,000, they organize flights and accommodations for one year for people who want to combine work and travel.For this week’s Bauer Business Focus, News 88.7’s Florian Martin spoke with one of the co-founders, Meredith Kalinov.You can listen to the interview by clicking on the play button above. 00:00 /03:44 Xlast_img read more

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Property Tax Reform Gains Ground In Texas

first_imgListen 00:00 /00:58 Texas State Library and Archives CommissionTexas State Capitol: House of RepresentativesA property tax reform bill has gotten preliminary approval from the Texas House. The measure would make it easier for property owners to protest a tax hike.The bill leaves aside the question of capping tax rates. Instead, it focuses on helping taxpayers navigate the system.“I never support divorce, but today we’re divorcing the appraisal from the tax bill,” says Representative Dennis Bonnen of Brazoria County, the bill’s author. Bonnen chairs the House Ways and Means Committee, which is responsible for all tax legislation.“Finally, Texans will receive simply the notice of their new appraised value,” says Bonnen. “They will then go through the process of contesting it if they choose, and then they’ll receive the notice that finally resolves the issue of who’s actually increasing revenues because they’re proposing a higher rate.”The House measure also leaves out the question of whether to require local governments to get voter approval for tax hikes. Governor Abbott has said he considers a lower rate cap and automatic elections necessary for genuine tax relief.The Senate bill contains both features. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Share Xlast_img read more

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Lawmaker Says Texas Should Boot Out Film Industry In Wake Of Hollywoods

first_imgGabriel Cristóver Pérez/KUTFilmmakers Robert Rodriguez and Richard Linklater at Texas Film Awards red carpet in Austin. Gabriel Cristóver Pérez/KUTTexas is home to Richard Linklater and was the inspiration for his breakout film “Slacker.” It’s where Wes Anderson grew up and later shot his first big production, “Rushmore.” The bones of the set of the 1950s film “Giant” still stand in far West Texas.These days, more film and TV crews are choosing to make places like Louisiana and New Mexico look like Texas. That’s because of lagging film incentives in the state. Now a Texas lawmaker is citing Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal as a reason to put an end to the state-funded Texas Film Commission altogether.State Rep. Matt Shaheen (R-Plano) said the Weinstein scandal is part of the culture of Hollywood, so he’s going to move to abolish the Texas Film Commission in the next legislative session.Barbara Morgan, the co-founder and Executive Director of the Austin Film Festival said, “I think people look at the industry as just Hollywood, as opposed to what we’ve incubated out of our own state for many years.”Morgan said when she started the festival in the ’90s, Texas had an enormous amount of film business.“At any given time, we could have seven or eight movies being shot in Austin,” she said. “And now, all of that is going because the film industry goes to shoot in places where the money is, like Louisiana, New Mexico, and Atlanta.”She said the Weinstein scandal shouldn’t affect state policies.“I actually don’t see the connection,” she said. “I think if we actually talked about pulling any kind of support or funding on a state level from any industry that had any such bad behavior happening behind its walls, we wouldn’t be funding much, would we?” Sharelast_img read more

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Analysis For Hints To Next Years Fights At The Texas Capitol Watch

first_img Share Courtesy, Texas A&M Athletics/Via The Texas TribuneA football match between Texas A&M and Prairie View A&M on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016. Texas A&M won 67-0. Prairie View got $450,000 for showing up.If you’re more interested in policy than in politics, you might be thinking less about the upcoming elections and more about things like sports gambling and the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on that topic, about the failure of state governments to keep up with inflation in public education, or about the effects of e-commerce on retail stores and what that might mean for sales and property taxes.First, congratulations: You really are a nerd, just as your family and friends probably suspected.Second, a pro-tip: One way to peek around the corner into the future — when you’re talking about state government — is to see what the finance folks are talking about. Not the donors, who are important for political questions, but the investor community and the people who analyze stocks and bonds and debts and markets for them.Outfits like Moody’s Investor Service, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch Ratings and their ilk are often poking through issues that lawmakers will be talking about later on. In Texas, the next regular legislative session starts in January. Legislators are juggling elections and pre-session “interim charges” right now in anticipation of that gathering.That recent ruling on sports gambling set off a round of papers (and probably will spark legislation in Texas and elsewhere) after the Supreme Court said that a federal ban was unconstitutional. Texas has a ban of its own, but state lawmakers can now throw the dice if they want to.Don’t expect that to be a wildly profitable enterprise, however. Moody’s short report on the topic points to the $150 billion underground sports gambling business and to the relatively meager squeezings available to states that tap into it: “The potential for legalized online gaming within states does offer a new, easily accessible, opportunity. Still, relative to their total budgets, the revenue boost will be minor for states even under the most optimistic of scenarios.”That echoes what Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar has already said about it, but Moody’s is a third party and buttresses his argument. So do similar assessments from Fitch and S&P.That one isn’t going to build many roads or schools. Still, you can tell it’s on the minds of the folks in the public finance business.So is school finance, and not just in Texas. Another report from Moody’s cites “increased public demand to increase K-12 education funding, which has notably slowed since the 2008-9 recession” and says that could compete with Medicaid and pension funding in state budgets across the U.S. This line about states in general could just as well be about Texas alone: “States have significant flexibility to adjust their budgets to meet policy demands, especially as tax revenue growth has strengthened in the past year; willingness to do so varies, however, and states will continue to be pressured to balance K-12 spending with other program demands.”Texas doesn’t have the deep pension problems faced by other states, but that issue is on the private sector’s watch list. So is local debt, as you might expect. They’re even looking at “environmental risks in U.S. state and local government ratings” — the title of a recent report from Fitch.That landed on the eve of hurricane season. You might not be aware of this, but weather can affect local bond ratings, and gets attention from the money people: “Rating actions directly linked to climate change or natural disasters have historically been limited, a notable anomaly being Hurricane Katrina and subsequent downgrades of the state of Louisiana and affected areas. However, the damage to vital infrastructure and widespread repopulation that was seen during Katrina has become more commonplace, most recently with Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma last year.”They’re watching retailers, too, as you might expect if you’ve noticed the wave of malls and major retailers closing or scaling back. For local and state governments, that means lost jobs and less revenue from property and other taxes. There’s an offset in the rise of e-commerce and its need for workers and warehouses, according to Moody’s. And there’s a chance that a pending Supreme Court ruling on online sales taxes will benefit states that, like Texas, lean heavily on those revenues.The arguments you hear during the elections will drive some of what the Legislature does when it comes back in January, but for the really big stuff — schools, roads, taxes, disaster relief — watch the money.last_img read more

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US Says AsylumSeeking Migrants To Wait In Mexico

first_img Share Moises Castillo/APCentral American migrants march to the U.S. consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018. Migrants want U.S. authorities to speed up the asylum application process for members of migrant caravans seeking to enter the U.S., including accepting more applications per day.Migrants heading to the southwest border to seek asylum in the United States will have to wait in Mexico until their claims are processed, under an agreement between the two countries announced on Thursday that will affect tens of thousands of people each month.Only about 9 percent of people are actually granted asylum. The Trump administration says too many migrants make false claims.“They will not be able to disappear into the United States,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said on Thursday in remarks before the House Judiciary Committee. “They will have to wait for approval. If they are granted asylum by a U.S. judge, they will be welcomed into America. If they are not, they will be removed to their home countries.”Discussions on the arrangement have been going on between the two countries for months, well before the new leadership took over in Mexico on Dec. 1. On Thursday, the Mexican foreign ministry said Mexico had agreed to it on a temporary basis for humanitarian reasons, and it would affect those “who entered that country or had been apprehended at border entry points, and who have been interviewed by that country’s immigration authorities and who have received a court date to appear before an immigration judge.”American Civil Liberties Union attorney Lee Gelernt said the plan was illegal. “This plan cannot be done lawfully and will result in countless people in life-threatening situations.”The decision comes as the courts have blocked efforts to harden asylum rules.More than 100,000 immigrants were caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in October and November. Nearly half of them were traveling in family groups that included children, according to statistics from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.While the number of immigrants caught crossing the border illegally has fallen since the 1990s and early 2000s, U.S. authorities have been grappling in recent years with an increase in children traveling alone or with family.It is not illegal to cross the border without a visa to apply for asylum. Immigrant advocates say violence in the Central American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is driving people north, and many are coming to seek asylum. Nearly 100,000 immigrants requested initial asylum screenings during the fiscal year ending in September, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Most of the cases were filed in Texas.Trump administration officials say one of the major pull factors for migrants coming across the border is the idea that they can wait in the United States for months or even years as their asylum cases progress. They argue many disappear into the U.S. Forcing them to wait in Mexico will cut down on false asylum claims. The policy change applies only to migrants coming from countries other than Mexico, officials said.Thousands of migrants have come up from Central America in recent weeks as part of caravans. President Donald Trump used his national security powers to put in place regulations that denied asylum to anyone caught crossing illegally, but a judge has halted that change as a lawsuit progresses.Nielsen said in a statement the policy would be done legally.“This will also allow us to focus more attention on those who are actually fleeing persecution,” she said in a statement.___Associated Press writer Mark Stevenson in Mexico City contributed to this report.last_img read more

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Teenage Swedish Climate Activist Crosses Atlan

first_imgThe teenager refused to fly to avoid a plane’s gas emissions. Action against climate change has been a theme of protests she’s led in Sweden that inspired student strikes in about 100 cities worldwide. Teenage Swedish Climate Activist Crosses Atlantic 8.28.19 9:32am A 16-year-old Swedish climate activist has crossed the Atlantic on a zero-emissions sailboat to attend a conference on global warming. by Associated Press On Wednesday before dawn, Greta Thunberg tweeted , “Land!! The lights of Long Island and New York City ahead.”center_img Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons She and a sailing crew encountered rough seas on the way to New York. They are expected to step off the boat at a marina in lower Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon. She is also set to speak at the United Nations Climate Action Summit next month.last_img read more

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Digital media linked to depression in young adults

first_imgIncreased use of digital media may be partly responsible for the growth in the percentage of young adults experiencing certain types of mental health disorders in the US over the past decade, suggests new research. “More US adolescents and young adults in the late 2010s, versus the mid-2000s, experienced serious psychological distress, major depression or suicidal thoughts, and more attempted suicide,” said lead study author Jean Twenge, Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University in the US. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”These trends are weak or non-existent among adults 26 years and over, suggesting a generational shift in mood disorders instead of an overall increase across all ages,” Twenge added. For the study, the researchers analysed data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, a nationally representative survey that has tracked drug and alcohol use, mental health and other health-related issues in individuals aged 12 and over in the US since 1971. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThey looked at survey responses from more than 200,000 adolescents aged 12 to 17 from 2005 to 2017, and almost 400,000 adults aged 18 and over from 2008 to 2017. The rate of individuals reporting symptoms consistent with major depression in the last 12 months increased 52 per cent in adolescents from 2005 to 2017 – from 8.7 per cent to 13.2 per cent – and 63 per cent in young adults aged 18 to 25 from 2009 to 2017 – from 8.1 per cent to 13.2 per cent, showed the findings published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. “Cultural trends in the last 10 years may have had a larger effect on mood disorders and suicide-related outcomes among younger generations compared with older generations,” said Twenge. She believes this trend may be partially due to increased use of electronic communication and digital media, which may have changed modes of social interaction enough to affect mood disorders. Moreover, research shows that young people are not sleeping as much as they did in previous generations, she noted.last_img read more

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Rep Barrett supports The Country Mill owners First Amendment rights

first_img Today in the state Capitol, a press conference was held to talk about a new federal lawsuit being filed by the Alliance for Defending Freedom on behalf of Steve Tennes and The Country Mill Farms. The Tennes family owns The Country Mill, a local family farm in Eaton County.The suit was filed against the city of East Lansing for being forced out of participation in the East Lansing Farmer’s Market after seven years of operation there. The apparent reason for their exclusion from the market was comments made on Steve’s Facebook page expressing his closely held religious beliefs. A 2017 policy change by the city and its refusal to allow The Country Mill to participate and serve all customers has led to this legal action.“I’m a strong supporter of the Tennes family and even stronger supporter of their First Amendment rights,” state Rep. Tom Barrett said. “I applaud their courage to bring this issue forward. Steve and Bridget did not ask for this battle, but I am proud to stand with them as they fight for religious freedom and free speech.”The Country Mill has a long-standing presence throughout the Mid-Michigan area and has been selling apples, blueberries, pumpkins and more for many years. Rep. Barrett, along with several other members of the House of Representatives and state Senate, stood in support of the family, their farm and their First Amendment rights.#### 31May Rep. Barrett supports The Country Mill owner’s First Amendment rights Categories: Barrett News,Newslast_img read more

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Steve Morris systems architect at TV technology c

first_imgSteve Morris, systems architect at TV technology company Espial, has been named a member of the HbbTV steering group and chair of the HbbTV Spec Group Terminals Task Force.Morris, a founding member of HbbTV, has contributed to digital TV standards around the workd and specializes in working with HTML5, OIPF, Digital TV, MHP, MPEG, DVB, ATSC, IPTV, HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as HbbTV.“HbbTV is a global approach to TV innovation with a solid footprint in Europe and interest growing steadily around the world,” said Klaus Illgner, HbbTV chairman.“As a founding member, Steve has been an active contributor and evangeliser of the HbbTV specifications since the beginning. We look forward to benefitting from his leadership and helping us to expand the adoption of HbbTV into other parts of the world.”last_img read more

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Facebook Expands Ads on ThirdParty Apps Websites to Everyone

first_img Next Article Reuters Facebook Expands Ads on Third-Party Apps, Websites to Everyone –shares Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. 1 min read May 27, 2016 Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brandcenter_img Image credit: Rawpixel.com | Shutterstock.com This story originally appeared on Reuters Add to Queue Facebook Advertising Enroll Now for $5 Facebook Inc. said its customers’ ads would now be visible on third-party apps and websites to everyone who has ever visited its website, and not just to users logged into its social networking service. However, people can opt out of seeing ads on apps and websites not offered by Facebook, based on their ad preferences, the company said late on Thursday. Facebook, like other online ad service providers, uses cookies to collect data on users’ browsing habits to show them relevant ads.The company, which has more than 1.6 billion users, offers online advertising services under its “Audience Network” business. In the first quarter, Facebook generated more than 80 percent of its $5.20 billion ad revenue from mobile ads. The company has been rolling out new features to ramp up mobile advertising and to encourage customers to experiment with video advertising.(Reporting by Rishika Sadam in Bengaluru; Editing by Kirti Pandey)last_img read more

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Crimson Agility Receives Two Nominations from Magento

first_img Andi KleissnerB2B BuyerBuyer Experience AwardCrimson AgilityMagentoMarketing TechnologyNews Previous ArticleDAA Announces Enforcement Deadline for ‘Political Ad’ Guidelines and Transparency IconNext ArticleLoyalty Brands Announces Partnership with Textellent To Deliver Innovative SMS Sales & Marketing Capabilities Most Innovative Commerce Experience and Best B2B Buyer ExperienceCrimson Agility, a full-service e-commerce consulting and development firm, has been honored with two nominations from 230+ entries, for the 2019 Imagine Excellence Awards by Magento, an Adobe Company. Crimson and its clients, Amped Innovation and Performance Health, snagged highly-coveted nominations for the Most Innovative Commerce Experience Award and the Best B2B Buyer Experience Award, respectively.The winners will be announced at the Imagine 2019 event in Las Vegas.Amped Innovation sells much needed solar appliances in Africa. The problem was affordability. More than 80% of Amped customers earn less than $2.50 per day.“By working with Crimson to incorporate micro-payments into the Magento platform, we tapped into emerging markets in Africa and Asia making our solar products accessible to the poorest customers,” said Andi Kleissner, Co-Founder and CEO of Amped Innovation. “Our customers can now buy previously unattainable products on a payment plan they can afford.”“The collaboration enabled Amped to achieve triple-digit growth, while introducing a life-changing line of products in previously untapped markets,” added Kleissner.Marketing Technology News: Net Element Launches Blade, Fully-Automated, Artificial Intelligence-Powered Underwriting Solution with Predictive ScoringPerformance Health is a leader in consumer healthcare and the largest global manufacturer and distributor of products to the rehabilitation and sports medicine markets.Crimson’s nomination alongside Performance Health for the Best B2B Buyer Experience Award stemmed from the positive results of the features and capabilities Crimson added to Performance Health’s e-commerce sites.“With multiple, highly-complex e-commerce sites, we’ve put Crimson and Magento through the ringer, testing their knowledge and capabilities beyond what we ever imagined,” said Kristin Greenwell, E-Commerce Director at Performance Health. “They have exceeded our expectations since day one.”Marketing Technology News: Upland Software Acquires Kapost, Raises GuidanceThese capabilities provide a user experience that rivals the performance of the best-designed B2B websites. The e-commerce sites accommodate power users who manage thousands of ship-to addresses, many requisition lists, negotiated pricing, and hundreds of employees buying online for the company.“Crimson’s knowledge of Magento and e-commerce is unmatched. We have been so impressed with their accountability and determination to make our website look, feel and most importantly, PERFORM how we and our customers expect,” added Greenwell.“We are proud to stand with both our clients as finalists for these two prestigious awards.  We credit our success to a shared vision, collaboration, and hard work,” says David Baier, Managing Partner at Crimson Agility.Marketing Technology News: Consumers Reluctant to Swap Passwords for Biometrics for Fear of Identity Fraud Crimson Agility Receives Two Nominations from Magento PRNewswireJune 7, 2019, 8:18 pmJune 7, 2019 last_img read more

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New class of cancerkilling agents shows promise in destroying cancer stem cells

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jul 9 2019Scientists at The University of Toledo investigating improvements to a commonly used chemotherapy drug have discovered an entirely new class of cancer-killing agents that show promise in eradicating cancer stem cells.Their findings could prove to be a breakthrough in not only treating tumors, but ensuring cancer doesn’t return years later — giving peace of mind to patients that their illness is truly gone. Taylor and Dr. L.M. Viranga Tillekeratne, a professor in the Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry in the UToledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, reported their findings in a paper recently published in the journal Scientific Reports.Cancer stem cells are an intriguing target for researchers because of their potential to re-seed tumors.When doctors remove a tumor surgically or target it with chemotherapy drugs or radiation therapy, the cancer may appear to be gone. However, evidence suggests that a tiny subpopulation of adaptable cancer cells can remain and circulate through the body to seed new metastasis in far-off locations.Those cancer stem cells, Taylor said, are similar to dandelions in a well-manicured lawn.”You could chop the plant off, but it will drop a seed. You know the seeds are there, but they’re hiding,” he said. “You pull one weed out and another comes up right after it. Cancers can be like this as well.”Related StoriesLiving with advanced breast cancerCancer killing capability of lesser-known immune cells identifiedSugary drinks linked to cancer finds studyThe small molecule they have isolated appears to lock on to those stem cells and kill them by blocking their absorption of an amino acid called cystine.UToledo was awarded a patent for the discovery late last year.For Tillekeratne and Taylor, uncovering a new class of therapeutic molecules could prove to be an even larger contribution to cancer research than the project they initially envisioned.”At present, there are no drugs that can kill cancer stem cells, but people are looking for them,” Tillekeratne said. “A lot of drugs are discovered by serendipity. Sometimes in research if you get unexpected results, you welcome that because it opens up a new line of research. This also shows the beauty of collaboration. I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own, and [Taylor] wouldn’t have been able to do it on his own.”Tillekeratne has received a three-year, $449,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute to continue testing the effectiveness of the newly identified therapy.Because the molecules so selectively target cancer stem cells, it’s possible they could ultimately be paired with other chemotherapy drugs to deliver a more comprehensive treatment.However, the researchers have found their agents show stand-alone promise in treating sarcomas and a subtype of breast cancer known as claudin-low breast cancer, which represents up to 14 percent of all breast cancers and can be particularly difficult to treat. Source:University of ToledoJournal reference:Taylor, W.R. et al. (2019) Small-Molecule Ferroptotic Agents with Potential to Selectively Target Cancer Stem Cells. Scientific Reports. doi.org/10.1038/s41598-019-42251-5. Not all cancer cells are the same, even in the same tumor. There is a lot of variability and some of the cells, like cancer stem cells, are much nastier. Everyone is trying to figure out how to kill them, and this may be one way to do it.”Dr. William Taylor, professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, UToledo College of Natural Sciences and Mathematicslast_img read more

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SC allows Meghalaya plea to call off rescue operation of trapped miners

first_img Press Trust of India New DelhiJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 00:03 IST Rescue operations at the Meghalaya mining site.Seven months after 15 people were trapped in an illegal coal mine in Meghalaya, the Supreme Court Friday allowed the state government’s plea seeking its permission to call off the ongoing operation to retrieve the bodies.The illegal mine is located at Ksan in East Jaintia Hills district, about 3.7 km deep inside a forest and can be accessed after crossing three streams.It was flooded in December last year trapping 15 miners when water from the nearby Letein river gushed into it.A bench of Justices S A Bobde and B R Gavai passed the order while hearing a petition which had sought urgent steps for rescuing the miners trapped in the rat-hole mine since December 13 last year.Rat-hole mining involves digging of narrow tunnels, usually three-four feet deep, for workers to enter and extract coal. The horizontal tunnels are often termed “rat holes” as each just about fits one person.During the hearing on Friday, senior advocate Anand Grover, appearing for the petitioner, told the court that the state has filed an application seeking permission to call off the operation.”We are not opposing it (application filed by state),” Grover told the court, adding, “Now we are no longer on the issue of (rescue) operation”.The petitioner told the court that there should be a standard operating procedure (SoP) which could be followed in case of such eventuality as had happened in Meghalaya.The bench said that it would hear the issue relating to the SoP after four weeks.The apex court had in March this year directed the petitioner to “ascertain from the relatives of the deceased if they wish to have the bodies recovered having regard to the fact that they may be already in a completely decomposed condition.”The court was earlier told that remotely operated underwater vehicles (RoVs) had detected three bodies in the mine.Earlier, the Centre had told the court that it has to “believe in miracles” for the 15 miners to come out alive.Also Read | Rain batters Meghalaya, throws life out of gearAlso Read | SC asks trapped miners kin if they wish to get decomposed bodies recoveredAlso Watch | Operation rat-hole mining in Meghalaya; Poaching politics in KarnatakaFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to indiatoday.in/sports. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted bySanchari Chatterjee SC allows Meghalaya plea to call off rescue operation of trapped miners’ bodiesThe Supreme Court has allowed a plea filed by Meghalaya asking to call off the rescue mission that is still looking for the bodies of the miners who went missing in a rat hole.advertisement Nextlast_img read more

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000 in law enforceme

000 in law enforcement funds that had not been spent from 2015-17 oil impact grants. according to the National Hurricane Center. you are going home” #worldcup #eng #cro pic. "I don’t think there’s any secret about that. on the other hand, 17.

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