Month: July 2017

Personal websites can really be turned into commercial websites Can you

was incorporated, hao123 see the starting point is also home to count the money to play, QQ hook, sexting, PW fire, money. So, the studio, SOHO, and then more entrepreneurs. All sorts of strange things, think to do a web site emerge in an endless stream I can lay hundreds of money. Just now a friend sent me such an article that there is some truth in it, so it is published for you to see. There may be some help for both current personal websites and so-called personal business sites.

sites have no value, and commercialization is out of the question. The value of a website is mainly embodied in the following three aspects: read more

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The latest data on food and beverage industry in 2016

China’s Internet era, the food industry is facing the next turning point, but also to advance into the next cycle of food and beverage industry is not the same as the development cycle. The new era of consumer demand is complex, but in fact it contains unlimited huge innovation space.

if the operator can deep insight into consumers’ pain points, with good potential and creativity in the Internet era, create and lead the consumer tastes and the pursuit of psychology, it is possible to get a lot of wonderful opportunity. read more

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The two leg was K’s heartache experience

Title: Baidu K out of the webmaster

was K out of the site: 1, 2,

built in October 1st,, this station is ready, immediately to Baidu, Google submitted, and know in post bar and other places made a few stickers, also do a few connections, I hope the spider quickly included. 2 days later, Google included 10. The number 15 Google has been indexed for over 20 pages, but Baidu has been silent. (seefoo is a private release station), so I want to estimate that the station has not been included, it has been Baidu K dropped, died in the condom in the child. read more

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The characteristics of the fish shop how to operate


characteristics of the fish shop how to operate? With the development of China’s catering industry, the fish store has great prospects for development in the Chinese market, let Xiaobian to introduce you, open a special fish shop how to operate the development prospects.

Finish read more

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Tracking and analyzing S logs can help improve keyword ranking

as a webmaster must learn to analyze IIS log, IIS log analysis will not be a qualified SEOER! Indeed, importance through the practice of several times let me know the initial IIS log analysis. Through the analysis of the IIS log, Baidu gives me back a 404 status code, which shows that the website has many dead links, but I use Adsense tools but could not detect if the dead links exist for a long time and we didn’t try to shield may be causing the site to drop right, therefore, the importance of this it is enough to mention the IIS log. Through the analysis of the IIS log, we found that if Baidu frequented a page, then the keyword ranking of the page must be better than other pages. read more

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The painful choice away from the black hat

saw the disillusionment report the first two days, and the latest feature of Google Reader, which showed a hot recommendation, looked right into my Google Reader.

I usually read blogs without using Google Reader, but with Bloglines, Google, Reader, just as a backup, so I haven’t logged in for months.

logged in to see the hot recommendation, and to tell you the truth, the recommended blog was pretty accurate. There are many I actually subscribe to in Bloglines, or have subscribed before, but for a variety of reasons no longer subscribe, and some occasionally go to see. Most of the list of recommendations is very relevant, and I also know the blog. read more

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Discussion on the establishment of new farmers’ Web site

and other agricultural web sites, ten thousand sites, 10 million sites, if not their own thoughts, then, how much money to spend the website the result is the same, here to talk about the establishment of new farmers net ( views and experiences.

1. Correctly understanding network

network is a very modern very advanced information exchange tool, it combines text, pictures, video and other forms in one set, to overcome the many shortcomings of television, newspapers and other traditional media, is an eternal great library information, as the unit leader, should see the advanced nature of the network. How to build a complete agricultural network information base by departments and regional advantages, should be the highest goal of establishing the website every need. read more

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Domestic public chips electricity providers continue to pour into the solution of the trust mechanis

investment benchmark focusing all raised hot

Original title:

to deal with the electricity supplier giant influx of independent congregation raised platform Gexianshentong

nearly two years, several major domestic electricity supplier has flocked to the public to raise the market. Since 2013, Taobao, Jingdong, Suning have set up all the chips platform. With the electricity supplier giants to join the public raising areas, independent congregation raised platform performance also attracted more attention. read more

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Get 200 million financing home improvement O2O Tuba rabbit what have you done

Abstract: Jiezhuang industry after years of "Internet home war" this year a fight, many enterprises difficult to achieve from 0 to 1 the accumulation of surviving O2O Jiezhuang companies are entering the transition period, seeking transformation and upgrading, from the platform transition to the vertical development mode to the mode of light.

home improvement industry after years of "Internet home war" this year a fight, many enterprises difficult to achieve from 0 to 1 the accumulation of surviving O2O Jiezhuang companies are entering the transition period, seeking transformation and upgrading, from the platform transition to the vertical development mode to the mode of light. read more

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January 6th A5 domain name auction 260 thousand E moving ebj com shoot

A5 ( station network January 7th news, yesterday in the A5 auction, has "E E move, cleaning, medicine 100, health benefits" meaning contract to 260 thousand, three, 78 digital cn Shun Zi "" to 235 thousand turnover……

A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk, read more

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How to operate a female community Women do not have much logic to refuse gimmicks

Abstract: from the financing of 100 million in, to the explosion of friends circle of "little red book", and then to more segmentation vertical beauty makeup community, women’s community is becoming a new vertical category, into the public view. Around the female learning, experience and self-awareness, this has become a new pain point in the community.

main point,

1 and in advocate users to focus on the bright side of life and feel their presence in social relationships.

2, for women, shopping doesn’t have so much logic. I like it. I want to buy it. read more

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nsist on doing the station did not change graduation still Adsense

is now in 2008 May, I graduated from the day is getting closer, four years from an average student can only use word typing, became the school inside the network celebrity, from one month to the home to 300 of the cost of living, fixed income more than 1000 per month, never sensible to sensible, only four years, and all this change from 2004, had just entered the university gate about.

a day before the college entrance examination, I was on the playground of the school and high school football, a whole afternoon in June, the day is very hot, but I did not notice that ran, ran back home. Take a shower and eat and sleep. I know that tomorrow the university entrance exam, for I know that tomorrow China students means that the twist of fate, the beginning of a dream or a dream came to an end, and I stood in the starting point. The announcement day, what I have no special feeling, no thought, was admitted, a good two of the University, well, I am an ordinary person but on my website, University is destined to become an extraordinary person. read more

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Five suggestions cast valuable articles on the website

there are many articles on the Internet today, but there are few real useful things. This is why Baidu advocates originality, the purpose is to promote every site has a certain value. But there are still many webmaster, every day is the original writing, but still can’t get any Baidu trust. Why is that? Then I’ll tell you what should I pay attention to when writing original article:

first, organize content according to user needs

may be a lot of people will be upset, no material, how to write articles, can only casually make an article. Xiao Bian think, if so, you might as well update frequency drop, and then good to organize content. This is like you do nothing every day, tired of the effect of obvious. In fact, there are many sources, and you can find the type of question and answer type in your industry. Like small words, write web site optimization related content, often to search outside the SEO basic ideas, consultation section inside, looking for material. Because there are questions about user needs, and if you happen to know exactly how to solve the problem, then you can make an article out of him. If you do not know and want to know, then you can pay attention to this problem, and take the initiative to ask more people, so it will slowly accumulate experience, experience, no longer afraid of writing articles. read more

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Goodbye Beijing Olympics

it seems that these ten days have passed quickly, and soon the closing ceremony has come. Although many of us are not able to be on the scene, how much can we feel in a variety of media?.

no matter how wonderful our country may be, we will make history and write a better chapter for the future. So, here, I ask myself and all of us have Internet Army:

bye, Beijing Olympics. Are we ready,


prepared for the Beijing Olympics, we expected a lot and did a lot. Because of the Internet, the Olympic Games have become more popular and more popular among the people. It is precisely because of the Olympic Games, so that the characteristics of the Internet can be fully brought into play, let us network community to see their career magnanimous "money" scene. read more

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Blog site will master ten classic skills

blog where members can only talk with words to express their heart, for our webmaster, produced many original articles, so it will easily so blog program more and more by the majority of owners love more and more love to build their own blog, however, when the construction of blog. We have to pay attention to the following points, so as not to let their blog users dislike.

: the first spam message or comment in Advertising: whether a blogger or read blogs, everyone wants to see the message and comment on some blogs objectively, but others like rubber plaster as a copy of spam, really hate, it has been called a "pollution" online. read more

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How to guard against hacker intrusion

long ago wanted to write about file upload + database backup, intrusion site articles, but has not written. Today, after listening to , the organization’s server security seminar, decided to write about it.

when hackers through various means (SQL injection, the breaking) get back the permissions, most want to see is the background file upload function and database backup function, because this is the most important step of the intrusion, but also is the most critical step! Why? Because of the upload function can be Ma pass to the server, but the horse type is usually ASP or PHP, and the web program is generally not allowed to upload these types of files, so we have to be a horse extension to JPG or GIF (pictures can be uploaded to the server and then mostly), the problem again, extension to JPG or GIF the horse will not run! How to do? It is necessary to use the database backup function, it may be a backup file to another file, then we can use it to the extension of JPG or GIF horse changed back to normal ASP Or PHP, well, the horse can execute, love us, let us do it, ha ha. read more

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How to make an excellent network editor

is a network of editors, designers and builders of website content, through the network information collection, classification, editing, review, and then released to the worldwide Internet users through the Internet, and through the network from Internet users receive feedback information, interact. Network editing refers to the personnel who use relevant professional knowledge and modern information technology, such as computers and networks, to undertake the construction of Internet website content. read more

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How do sell DC earn 5 thousand yuan per month

how do I sell IDC earn $5 thousand a month, what I said in the sales process, often have such a feeling: I know this is a prospective customers, but because of limited capacity, not enough to allow customers to purchase transactions, especially regret.

I think a lot of salespeople will feel the same way. In a company, a very capable salesperson can only do a few visits a month, and a salesman who has a weak ability does not have much performance for a month. It can be seen that ability is very important to sales, and it is the core competence of sales staff. read more

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Ctrip practice case sharing use HTML5 to monitor website performance

Wen / Chu Wei, Liu Haifeng, Xie Sheng school,

HTML5 technology brings many new elements to Web, not only makes the website more and more beautiful, and the interactive experience is closer and closer to perfection, but also makes many functions which once could not be completed can be realized. This article in view of the HTML5 in the website performance monitoring aspect brings the new characteristic, shares the experience which Ctrip carries in this direction.

The status of

site performance monitoring read more

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Local websites are the most promising

on the Internet, tens of thousands of different kinds of websites. As large as 163, Sina and other portals, small to hao123 and other navigation sites. It involves all aspects of people’s lives. There are shopping websites, game websites, news websites, dating websites and so on. Where there is demand, there is market.

‘s website is now near saturation, and there are plenty of them. The Internet has left us less room to play.

so we have to move on.

yes, you have the money, the ability to make a website, we have no money, no ability. But can do small station, local station, read more

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