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Widow struggles as 3rd Bosma suspect appears in court

(Updated) Just one day after learning of a third arrest in the murder of her husband, Tim Bosma’s widow Sharlene was in a Hamilton courtroom to see the woman accused of helping Dellen Millard and Mark Smitch.As she has for all court dates relating to the death of her husband, Sharlene Bosma was surrounded by family. But this date, the arrest of Christina Noudga, 21, as an accessory after the fact to the murder of Tim Bosma, came as a surprise to Sharlene, and brought back a lot of bad memories.“I’m not really how many more surprises we can take. I’m kind of hitting my limit on surprises right now.” “It brings you back to the beginning. And any progress that you might have made moving forward it’s just gone, it’s just gone.” Tim Bosma disappeared with two men on the night of May 6th. It is alleged that three days later Noudga helped her boyfriend Dellen Millard escape. The next day Millard was arrested. He and Mark Smich are charged with first degree murder. Yesterday Millard was also charged with the murder of his father, and he and Smich were both charged with the first degree murder of Laura Babcock. In reaction to the news Sharlene Bosma reached out to Babcock’s family.“Every case is different, and everyone reacts differently. Unfortunately we have an understanding of what that’s like.”And like she did for Millard and Smitch, Sharlene Bosma was there to face the third person accused in the crime that took her husband. Sharlene sat in court, stone-faced fighting back emotion until after it was done.“It’s mine when that happens. I don’t like sharing that publically, be it in a court room, or in Walmart or wherever. It’s mine.” An exausting task, but there are still many more to go. The trial for Millard and Smitch isn’t expected to begin until September. Bosma says she won’t look that far ahead.“I’m gonna go home, and I want to hug my child, because she has magical abilities to make some things better, and that’s where I want to go. So I’m gonna go home.” In court today Noudga was remanded in custody until her bail hearing on May 5th. read more

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In call to new President Ban pledges commitment to stability on Korean

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today expressed his strong commitment to promoting peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, during his discussion with the new President of the Republic of Korea (ROK), Park Geun-hye.In a telephone call with Ms. Park, the Secretary-General expressed serious concerns about Pyongyang’s recent provocations, particularly its recent nuclear test, according to information provided by his spokesperson.The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) conducted its third, long-threatened nuclear test on 12 February, a move that was in violation of Security Council sanctions and that drew widespread condemnation, including from Mr. Ban.Mr. Ban, during the call, voiced his support for the “Korean Peninsula Peace Process” envisioned by Ms. Park. He also expressed his strong commitment to work with the new ROK Government in promoting peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, including through addressing nuclear, humanitarian and other concerns regarding the DPRK. The two also discussed ways to further deepen cooperation between the UN and the ROK, with the Secretary-General stating that he looked forward to Seoul’s continued support for the world body and its active role in the areas of peacekeeping, addressing the climate change challenge, sustainable development and promoting global education. Mr. Ban also voiced appreciation for the ROK’s constructive role in dealing with a number of regional conflicts as a non-permanent member of the Security Council. read more

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