36 krypton little rent Ajimi contracted three party strategic entrepreneurship cooperation agreeme

with the growing entrepreneurial atmosphere of society, more and more private forces began to pour into the field of entrepreneurship, the construction of business incubator platform. Private capital to help entrepreneurs with its rich business and market resources.

1 6 in the morning, the signing ceremony of double remodeling industry ecosystem and the 36 krypton space, little rent, Ajimi three party strategic cooperation held in Shenzhen Kexing Science Park Convention Center, National People’s Congress Joe Ms. Yin for a speech. read more

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Car shop business plan

cars are coming into the family. Car decoration, it has become a promising industry. Open a car decoration shop, do not need a big investment, there is no high technical threshold, is a viable business plan.

plan upfront investment of about 5-10 million yuan investment in equipment: counter, facade decoration, computer and simple furniture, one-time investment of about 20 thousand yuan.

3 months running costs: a new shop opened, to prepare for two or three months without business preparation, it is best to prepare for the first half of the operating costs of about 30 thousand yuan a month. read more

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Hot pot stores to gather popularity

hot pot is a great potential, many entrepreneurs choose to join the hot pot business, and now consumers like to eat delicious hot pot, for investment in hot pot to join the venture entrepreneurs, how to do a good job to promote the popularity of it? That is very popular with people Hot pot delicacy, popular and its market competitiveness is also very big, how many brands in talent shows itself flavor aside, an effective method of promotion is to attract consumers.

A: price promotion

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Why do you choose the fast food business

business in the current market is not what strange things, but the choice of career path are more and more people, and can provide business opportunities for cooperation is in the business market too many to count, so vast, why choose fast food? Let’s analyze it together.

more and more people walk on the road of entrepreneurship, for people to find their own work, it is better to create a career, so you can let us get more freedom at the same time, also want to able to harvest their own income, after all employment would bring them great. The fast food industry is now in the market is a more concerned about an industry, many people have chosen to join fast food restaurants, as their own entrepreneurial projects. read more

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At the end of this month Chengdu city youth entrepreneurship association president Zhang Guiming wi

is a new generation of entrepreneurs have been fully aware of the importance of communication and learning, innovation and entrepreneurship, various activities are bursting with popularity. At the end of this month, the Chengdu library will hold a record off topic lectures, with the intention of people can listen to.

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For wheat Chinese fast food franchise fee how many

Chinese fast food to join the choice of the project, the small venture worth choosing. How about Chinese fast food? High quality entrepreneurial projects, shop without worry no source. So, entrepreneurship to choose to join the search for Chinese fast food like?

food everyone loves, so fast food restaurants are fast food business. For wheat Chinese fast food is a flagship brand of Chinese fast food chain stores, Chinese fast food business for wheat dish type is rich, and always will have new dishes, so that consumers continue to have a new feeling, welcomed by consumers. So the search for Chinese fast food is not high? Consider joining the search for Chinese fast food, of course, investors will be more concerned about the cost of the problem, the following to introduce. read more

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Beautiful beauty shop recommended shop name

is now a lot of people have paid more attention to the domestic beauty and maintenance, and now opened a beauty shop business will be very hot, for the operator, now want to successfully run a beauty salon, a good ordinary name is very important.

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Western fast food stores in the whole where better

western fast food is more than a lot of friends, it has a great market prospect, if you want to open a western fast food restaurant, then where is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

where is a western fast food restaurant? The location of the store where the flow of information on the western fast food franchise stores and sales is very important, but not all of the flow are effective consumer groups. Western fast food franchise operators must first analysis is a fixed flow of people or the flow of people, and is an effective flow of people, the spread of the brand and the development of daily help. read more

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Special snack franchise best venture good project

in fact, the choice of investment in food and beverage industry, is a very choice of market development. Choose to have the characteristics of snacks to join, is very choice of business opportunities! So, are you ready to start a successful business?

snack food industry in recent years, the rapid development of competitiveness has gradually expanded. A variety of brands throughout the food and beverage market, to provide consumers with affordable, but also to many interested in entering the restaurant industry to create opportunities for investment entrepreneurs. Wonderful pill home specialty snacks is a distinctive feature of the rise of the restaurant and snack food chain enterprises. Have their own characteristics, in the pack and the catering industry, in order to have a strong competitive edge. Today many snack bar to ensure their own characteristics and competitive and how many do, the snack franchise is now catering industry in a mainstream mode, in maintaining a strong competitiveness at the same time, also won the support of many consumers. read more

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On milk how much is the whole to join

on milk, how? Hot projects, hot market. Less investment costs, profit margins are very good. For small business franchisee, entrepreneurs choose to join the energy-saving projects, open their own energy-saving stores, the shop is to make


friends, don’t ask on milk, the initial fee, first look on milk. Wenzhou Yiming Food Co., the company was founded in 1982 in Ouhai and spring aquaculture association. The United States was engaged in the cause of the chicken, in the city’s first venture, effectively solve the daily supply of chicken and eggs in the public basket. Due to outstanding achievements, joint founder of Comrade Zhu Mingchun is "people’s Daily", Xinhua news agency, known as the "chicken king", was named the provincial labor union collective model in 1985, comrade Zhu Mingchun himself was awarded the title of national model in 1989". In fact, there are a lot of people, on milk, absolutely ignorant of jiamengfei. read more

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2016 what are the matters needing attention

2016 spring is coming, dormant winter entrepreneurs have begun to carry out their own entrepreneurial activities. Open a noodle shop investment is not high and easy to use, is a lot of small entrepreneurs in the spring of 2016, the first choice.

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Female college students to share the experience of open shop when the self

The new era of

, Nei’s case is more and more entrepreneurs on the road, many more women entrepreneurs at the forefront. After graduating from the University of Wang, after facing the employment of baptism, decided to online business, now her business is more and more fire.

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侠盗猎车在线是一个长期的GTA经验,你可以指望建立,成长和发展在许多方面,在未来几周,几个月及以后。作为其中的一部分,将有大量的就业机会,随着时间的推移发挥,因为我们将定期添加新的为您享受。此外,你将很快会帮助自己的游戏世界里添加内容,以计划于今年秋季发布的内容创建工具创建自定义比赛和Deathmatch Jobs。侠盗飞车在线是Rockstar和全球所有GTA玩家之间的一个合作项目,所以希望我们会有效地一起工作的第一天。作为一个很小的例子,船员的层次特征,介绍了几周前的社交俱乐部是从去年–流行风机反馈的直接结果,我们将寻找在GTA在线社区的反馈,输入和理念不断帮助告知如何游戏本身的成长和发展。正如上周所说,我们将密切关注您的反馈的电子邮件发送gtaonline@rockstargames.com在GTA在线意见箱板在即将举行的社交俱乐部论坛。我们非常期待着欢迎您作为世界各地的GTA在线的积极参与者明天开始。 read more

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索尼已经发布了一个全新的拖车式展现在PlayStation 4。

新预告片将在DualShock 4功能,看看在哪媒体分子工作室助理Jenny Lawrence通过PlayStation博客:

















用Su-27为基础,这种舰载机是为海军的实际应用。其速度能力略低于同代的其他战斗机,但具有优良的转弯性能。北约代号“侧卫D型”。主要和尾翼可以折叠起来,以适应可用的存储空间在一艘航空母舰。 read more

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Breeding donkey insect chicken prospects will be good

many people may even see the donkey had not seen, let alone eat, but the hair is indeed delicious is the flesh of a donkey, eat the diners can not deny, but currently on the market the number of donkeys is less and less, so the donkey breeding, is a good choice!

now donkey less and less, and the donkey meat beauty known as the best in all the land, hotel or carnivorous processing plant demand no less is a very good business projects, for some funds, recruiting some personnel, to grasp the sales channels, you can open a donkey breeding plant. read more

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Clothing to guard against fraud

compared to other industry, catering industry and garment industry is relatively low barriers to entry, so it has become the first choice for business projects more and more investors, clothing industry is a hot spot for investment is very hot, but for novice entrepreneurship, how to do the clothing business when clothing franchisee should pay attention to what issues to avoid the necessary loss?

naive, credulity contributed to the clothing to join the scam occurred

clothing remind inexperienced investors must be vigilant, not convinced for manufacturers of publicity, will their verbal commitment and a series of details in the implementation of the contract, in order to produce disputes according to the. She also lists the franchise contract should include the main contents: the specific content of the technical support and training services and delivery; quality, standards of product or service and guarantee measures; promotion and advertising of products or services; the franchise in the protection of consumers’ rights and liabilities of the franchise contract; the modification, rescission and termination; liability for breach of contract. read more

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Civil aviation service summit business in Chengdu

people travel in advance will buy tickets, and now people will choose to buy tickets online, can bring great convenience to people’s lives. The third civil aviation service summit held in Chengdu. According to the disclosure, China Air Transport Association (hereinafter referred to as IATA) in the internet ticket sales last year to carry out special rectification activities, where to go, Ctrip online travel platform handled four illegal enterprises 91, 39 enterprises cleaning agent.

Air Association in 2016 to carry out a period of 9 months of internet ticket sales special rectification activities. Where to go, Ctrip, Ali and travel way with four big online travel platform, not only to regulate the sale of their own behavior, but also to engage in the business of ticket sales on the basis of monitoring and verification of sales agents, conduct the access qualification. In addition, the remediation activities to a certain extent, to clarify the responsibility relationship between the platform and agents. read more

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Entrepreneurial planning

entrepreneurship in the final analysis is the problem of people, how to change your career as you continue to change yourself. With the cause of the change to change the people around you, and then to change towards the world standard, until you meet the world standard, you can go to the world, and eventually become a professional leader.

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A dozen square meters of the monthly income of one hundred thousand of the amazing secret fish shop

you should be familiar to fish, many people love to eat fish balls, fish balls made of fresh Q, simple, delicious taste, has become a favorite delicacy street. But there is a fish shop in the Zhanjiang area, a dozen square meters, selling 3.5 yuan a bunch of fish balls, monthly turnover is more than 100 thousand yuan. More and more difficult to do in business today, this is called "a tiny area" fish shop, why can forge a myth of wealth?

tips: quality assurance to win reputation

"a tiny area" as Zhanjiang’s first fish snack is a time-honored fish "". The store opened more than ten years but the customer still has a special liking, it is because of here still delicious fish, ten years after the quality. Shop staff said, "diet, good reputation is very important, a twenty hundred, the store business nature." Fish shop direct delivery from the manufacturer, to ensure the quality of fish balls, the cook day sell, never sell overnight fish, ensure each fish taste. Stable product quality, won an excellent reputation as "a tiny area". read more

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The baby carrier ten brands list the whole

with baby travel, braces has become a good tool. However, the different strap brand, not only the quality of the product is different, but also bring comfort will be different. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of baby sling list, so as to help consumers choose to more appropriate baby strap products.

baby sling ten brand list NO.1, Combi Combi – Combi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.:

began in 1957 in Japan, the Japanese Combi Corporation’s brand, large multinational corporations, the ten children stroller – stroller brand, Combi (Shanghai) Co., ltd.. read more

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