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Former RCMP employee alleging sexual assault tells court she has PTSD

first_imgVANCOUVER – A former RCMP employee who alleges she was sexually assaulted by a now-retired inspector in a locked washroom at their Vancouver workplace says she’s been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.The complainant told provincial court Thursday she was diagnosed with PTSD after she left her civilian job with the RCMP.Tim Shields, who was the public face of the RCMP as the department’s spokesman in British Columbia, has pleaded not guilty to one charge of sexual assault.Court has heard the woman, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, was allegedly sexually assaulted in the fall of 2009.The woman said she suffers from nightmares, pain in her hips, neck, back and knees, and has difficulty concentrating.She said she has a tough time putting together “words and sentences” and sometimes needs to “write down words, write down questions.”“It assists by helping me string the words together,” the woman told the judge-alone trial.“I still have all the symptoms,” she said of her PTSD diagnosis.Shields, who spent much of Thursday’s proceedings hunched over taking notes, left the RCMP in December 2015 and was charged in May 2016.Crown attorney Michelle Booker also took the woman through her work history at the RCMP on Thursday and had her read through emails she’d sent to several supervisors. The woman read various performance appraisals over the years of her employment, each suggesting she was a committed employee.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version said Tim Shields left the RCMP in 2016.last_img read more

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Rottweiler and chicken appear to be best of friends in YouTube videos

first_imgCONCEPTION BAY SOUTH, N.L. – As playmates, they make an unlikely pair: Charlee is a large, black Rottweiler and Penny is a barnyard chicken.But the YouTube videos recorded inside Steve Ivany’s indoor-gardening shop in eastern Newfoundland leave little doubt that Charlee and Penny enjoy each other’s company.The videos show the dog cavorting and sliding on the shop’s wooden floor as the reddish bird scrambles to catch her.“She aggressively goes after her,” Ivany says. “It’s funny as hell. (Penny) is not afraid of anything.”Penny the chicken has a clipped beak so she can’t hurt the two-year-old dog.Ivany, owner of Good 2 Grow in Conception Bay South, says the big, gentle dog grew up surrounded by chickens. The shop owner raises the birds from eggs he incubates in his living room.“Even as a young puppy, Charlee had chickens around her in the house. She’s grown up around them. She’s used to just about any type of animal. I even have a hamster that she plays with on the floor … She really is a gentle giant.”—On the internet: read more

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Robin Roberts Presented With Award By Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative

first_imgThe Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative (BJKLI) partnered with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to host the 5th annual BJKLI Symposium at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the US Open and 45 years of equal prize money at the US Open.Robert Iger, Chairman and CEO of Disney, and Good Morning America Anchor Robin Roberts received BJKLI’s annual “Inspiring Leader” awards.The 50th Anniversary of the US Open served as the ideal backdrop for the event. Throughout its history, the US Open has championed individuals who have stood for social change, both on and off the tennis court, from Arthur Ashe, to Billie Jean King, to the players holding the torch today. 2018 also marks the 45th anniversary of equal prize money at the US Open, as in 1973, the tournament became the first Grand Slam to give the same amount to the winners of both the men’s and women’s events.The Symposium kicked off with a performance by Chloe Arnold and the Syncopated Ladies who use tap dancing as a medium to convey messages about equity and inclusion.The crowd in attendance was welcomed by Billie Jean King, Founder, BJKLI, and Katrina Adams, Chairman of the Board and President, USTA.“As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the US Open, the USTA is proud of the tournament’s history and legacy as a leader in equality for all individuals. We are proud to stand side by side with civil rights pioneer and tennis champion Billie Jean King, after whom we named this very facility, as she continues to push the envelope for change.” Adams said.King commended the efforts of the USTA and all the corporate partners who supported the Symposium. “We are proud to stand with the USTA and all the great companies who support the BJKLI. Together we are refusing to stand on the sidelines and are pushing the ball forward for positive change,” King said.Jan Jones, EVP of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Caesars Entertainment, and Lucy Lee Helm, Executive Vice President and Chief Partner Officer, Starbucks addressed attendees at the Symposium and talked about the efforts underway for gender equity and inclusion at both Caesars and Starbucks. Both companies have been working with the BJKLI over the past year.King and Ilana Kloss, Co-Founder, BJKLI, recognized Robin Roberts, Anchor, Good Morning America with a BJKLI “Inspiring Leader” award for her dedication to authentic reporting and representation of at-risk communities. Roberts, upon receiving the award commented, “There are too few places where constructive dialogue is moving the needle on equity and inclusion. I am so grateful to stand beside changemakers like Billie Jean King, Ilana Kloss, and the team at BJKLI in their quest for equality for all.”Robert Iger, Chairman and CEO, Disney was also recognized by King and Kloss with a BJKLI “Inspiring Leader” award for his bravery, tenacity, and leadership across one of the most influential mediums in entertainment. “When Bob makes a move the world reacts, and he has used his power and platform to rally for greater representation of people of color on screen and stand up against bigotry and hate,” King said when presenting the award.Following the Inspiring Leader award presentation, Iger and King joined BJKLI advisory board member and CNN International correspondent, Christiane Amanpour for a constructive conversation on authentic leadership and standing firm against bias. During the conversation Iger stated that “relying on the status quo for equality is no longer acceptable and leaders in positions of power must use their platform to impact change.”The Symposium ended with Billie Jean King and Christiane Amanpour encouraging people to take “inclusion lanyards” and wear them to the Women’s Semifinals in order to ignite conversations on issues of equity and inclusion. The “inclusion lanyards” have been a feature at BJKLI symposiums in the past and prove to be a powerful medium to advocate for action.BJKLI was founded in 2014 by equality champion and sports icon Billie Jean King and her partner Ilana Kloss in an effort to move the needle forward on issues impacting equality and inclusion in the workplace. Every year the BJKLI brings together diverse leaders from a range of industries to have honest, constructive dialogue on the state of equality and how to broker tangible positive change. Individuals who have used their power and platform to level the playing field are recognized with “Inspiring Leader” awards. The BJKLI has worked with a number of corporations on leadership and gender equity goals both in pay and representation. Partners of this year’s event included: adidas, Caesars, ESPN, Iberia Bank, Salesforce, Starbucks, Teneo, UBS, USTA. 2018 is a milestone year for both the BJKLI and its founder. The BJKLI is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and King will celebrate her 75th birthday.Members of the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative Advisory Board include: Billie Jean King, Co-founder; Ilana Kloss, Co-founder; Paul Keary, Co-founder and COO, Teneo Holdings; Pablo Salame, Former Global Co-Head, Securities Division, Goldman Sachs; Christiane Amanpour, Chief International Correspondent, CNN; Jason Collins, Former NBA Player and Civil Rights Advocate; David Furnish, Chairman, Elton John AIDS Foundation and CEO, Rocket Entertainment Group; Maritza Gomez-Montiel, Former Vice Chairman and Deputy CEO of Deloitte; Sir Elton John; Jonathan Kraft, President, The Kraft Group; Robert McCann, Chairman, UBS Group Americas; Pat Mitchell, Founder and CEO, POW! Strategies and Executive Producer of TEDWomen; Robin Roberts, Anchor, ABC’s Good Morning America; Michael Strautmanis, VP of Civic Engagement for the Obama Foundation; Serena Williams Professional Athlete & Entrepreneur, Venus Williams Professional Athlete & CEO/ Founder, EleVen and V Starr Interiors.For more information on the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, visit read more

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Students protest against vandalism

first_imgKolkata: Following the Vidyasagar College teachers’ rally protesting against the vandalism of the BJP workers, students and several alumni members took part in another protest march on Thursday. A silent rally was organised by the college authorities which commenced from Vidyasagar College. The day section along with students and teachers from morning and night sections took part. It started from the main building located at Sankar Ghosh Lane and went to the Vidyasagar statue at College Square which was garlanded. The rally finally concluded in front of the vandalised college campus. According to sources, an association of former students of Vidyasagar College proposed that they would arrange money for the construction of a new statue of the social reformer. Goutam Kundu, principal of Vidyasagar College said the proposal would be under consideration for the time being.last_img read more

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Fake job agent arrested

Following the complaints made to the police a woman was arrested and passports obtained from the victims were found in her house.The police said that the main suspect and his mother, who was also involved in the scam, are absconding arrest. (Colombo Gazette) The people who made the payments were told they would be sent to America, Canada, Germany and Britain. According to the police media unit the suspects had collected more than Rs. 3.5 million from the people. A fake job agent has been arrested in Kadawatta following complaints lodged by 16 people.The police said that a woman was arrested while two others are absconding after taking money from the people and promising to send them overseas. read more

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Brock students offer peer support and prevention education on risks of smoking

Isabella Churchill has seen the terrible toll of smoking first hand.“Both of my grandparents passed away due to smoking-related illnesses,” said Brock University campus co-ordinator for Leave the Pack Behind. “I believe if I can prevent someone from smoking for the first time, I might be able to save a life.”It’s National Non-Smoking Week in Canada and a small, but dedicated, group of students at Brock are providing support and peer advice to those thinking about quitting smoking.Churchill has some important and potentially life-altering information she wants everyone to know.One in five students will try their first cigarette at university. This means, 20 per cent of the student population is experimenting with smoking, whether in social situations, to manage stress or simply because they are away from home for the first time and cigarettes are accessible. All of these factors can contribute to someone smoking for the first time.Leave the Pack Behind (LTPB) is a provincial tobacco control program that offers young adults smoking and quitting information, personalized support and free quitting resources such as nicotine replacement therapy.“There is no negative imagery used in LTPB informational materials,” says Churchill. “We are here for education and support. We do not want to alienate anyone by making them feel stigmatized or judged.”Churchill encourages the LTPB staff and volunteers to engage students in a good quality interaction that creates the space for a mindful conversation about their habits.“We know that social smoking escalates to regular smoking and the best way to prevent this is to talk to students about their risks,” says Churchill. “We start by asking open-ended questions that will allow the student to reflect on ways they can change their behaviours. Such as, what don’t you like about smoking? How do your friends feel about you smoking? Then we want to meet them where they are at.”For those students in denial, LTPB has a carbon monoxide detector which tests the CO levels in a person’s lungs simply by having them blow into it. “This is a really effective tool because it makes people aware of what they cannot see happening in their body. The reading provides an accurate and quantifiable value of how much CO is in the lungs.”As part of LTPB’s National Non-Smoking Week activities, the student staff and volunteers are promoting the wouldurather contest which opens on Jan. 25. The contest is based on the concept that it is easier to quit smoking when you are with a community of people who are also trying to quit, as opposed to doing it alone. The contest offers cash prizes and challenges participants to change their smoking behaviours at various levels. Registration for the contest closes at midnight on Jan. 24. read more

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Boston U beats New Hampshire for 100th time in series 8253

DURHAM, N.H. — Tyler Scanlon scored 15 points, Javante McCoy scored 14 and Jack Hemphill added 10 and Boston University thumped New Hampshire for the 100th time in an 82-53 win on Wednesday night.McCoy made a pair of 3-pointers, Garret Pascoe hit two jump shots and Scanlon had a 3 and the Terriers led 13-0. Jordan Guest’s tip-in with 9 1/2 minutes left before halftime made it 28-7. Boston University (4-4) went to intermission with a 42-25 advantage. The Terriers went on to outscore New Hampshire 40-28 in the second half.Mark Carbone led the Wildcats (2-5) with 13 points and eight rebounds, Jordan Reed scored 12 and David Watkins, 10 with eight rebounds.New Hampshire is 0-2 against the Patriot League this year, losing 68-44 at American on Nov. 16.The Terriers are 100-39 all-time against UNH in a series that dates to 1908-09.The Associated Press read more

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Duo counting their losses as vehicle broken into on Vlissengen road

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedBusinesswoman robbed of over $2.7M at Botanical GardensMay 29, 2018In “Crime”THREE KILLED – in Vreed-en-Hoop accidentOctober 22, 2017In “latest news”Elderly taxi driver robbed, carjacked at gunpoint in EcclesDecember 11, 2017In “Crime” A 60-year-old pensioner and his 29-year-old daughter are now counting their losses after their Toyota Auris motorcar was broken into while it was parked opposite Survival Supermarket on Vlissengen road, Georgetown on Thursday afternoon.The vehicle that was broken intoSpeaking to INews, the young lady explained that her father- who was driving- parked at the said location at around 17:00hrs, and the duo left the locked motorcar to shop at the supermarket.She recalled that she had left her handbag containing cash and valuables amounting to in excess of $30,000 in the front passenger seat of the vehicle.Fifteen minutes later, when the two returned to their vehicle, they immediately observed that the front passenger side window had been shattered and the handbag was missing.Police were immediately informed and upon their arrival, they inspected the location.The shattered front passenger side windowThis online publication was told that the CCTV footage nearby, displayed a black motorcar with unrecognizable licence plates, driving and stopping along side the pensioner’s vehicle.However, no one exited.It is suspected that the perpetrator stretched over from his vehicle, broke the window, and grabbed the handbag which was in plain sight, before fleeing the scene.Investigations are in progress. (Ramona Luthi) read more

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Chaque heure 760 orages grondent sur la planète

first_imgChaque heure, 760 orages grondent sur la planèteUne équipe de scientifiques a comptabilisé les orages qui se produisent chaque jour aux quatre coins de la planète. Des recherches qui leur ont permis d’estimer que toutes les heures, 760 orages grondent sur la Terre.Cette étude a été menée par des chercheurs du département Géophysiques et Sciences de la planète de l’Université de Tel Aviv, en Israël, rapporte le site de la BBC. Ils ne sont pas les premiers à avoir tenté de comptabiliser ainsi les orages. En 1925 déjà, Charles Brooks avait été le premier à calculer le nombre d’orages se produisant sur la planète. Avec les méthodes de l’époque, il avait estimé que 1.800 orages grondaient toutes les heures sur la Terre.À lire aussiDes archéologues ont découvert la raison du mystérieux déclin d’une ancienne civilisationGrâce aux données d’un réseau mondial réunissant quarante stations de surveillance détectant les impulsions électromagnétiques engendrées par la foudre, les chercheurs de l’université de Tel Aviv ont revu cette estimation sensiblement à la baisse. Ils affirment en effet que 760 orages se produisent chaque heure sur la planète, la majorité ayant lieu dans des régions tropicales, et tout particulièrement dans le bassin du Congo. “C’est peut-être parce qu’il y fait plus sec qu’en Amazonie, par exemple. Les orages semblent se former plus facilement dans des conditions météorologiques plus sèches”, explique Colin Price, qui a mené cette étude.Les scientifiques ont en outre observé une “heure de pointe” à laquelle se produit la plus grande quantité d’orages : 12H GMT. Il ne s’agit toutefois que d’une moyenne, chaque continent ayant une “heure de pointe” différente.Le 8 avril 2011 à 19:55 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Gattuso I will find out who is the mole at AC

first_imgAC Milan boss Gennaro Gattuso has vowed to discover who is the mole that leaks information out to the pressThe Italian coach made this announcement after news of Gonzalo Higuain’s leg injury emerged on Sky Italia without Milan providing any sort of announcement.Speaking to Sky Italia, Gattuso promised: “One day I will know who gave you the information. One day, before I leave this place, I will know who is the mole. Believe, me I will find out.”Rick Karsdorp, Roma, Serie AKarsdorp reveals he had too much stress at Roma Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The Dutch defender has been with the Gialorrossi since 2017, but he has not enjoyed his time in the Italian Lega Serie A.The 40-year-old did confirm though that Higuain will miss Thursday’s Serie A clash with Empoli due to the injury.“Gonzalo has a problem at his leg. It’s an old scar that makes he feels pain. He has been struggling for the last couple of days and tomorrow we will make a test to check his conditions,” said Gattuso.Higuain, who is on loan from Juventus, has provided Milan with three goals and an assist in his five games.last_img read more

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Aero India 2015 LIVE Modi Not Content With Assembling Defence Equipment Wants

first_img4:56 PM: With $250 billion expected to be spent on defence, India asserted itself at the on-going Aero Expo. The Prime Minister asked defence contractors winning bids to supply India not only the equipment but also the technology behind the equipment.India’s offsets policy requires defence contractors to invest a specified percentage on the total value of the deal to be invested in India, which will now be recaliberated to encourage further technology transfer and move away from mere assembling and local production.”We have the reputation as the largest importer of defence equipment. This may be music to the ears of some of you. But this is an area where we do not want to be number one,” the Prime Minister said, according to Reuters.”It will no longer be enough to buy equipment and simply assemble here.”3:29 PM: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar noted that the Defence Ministry was undergoing  major offsets, of which, some are “in chaos”. Major changes to rules and regulations expected to boost the small and medium enterprises.3:20 PM: Pictures from Aero India 2015. IAF aircrafts perform aerobatics during the Aero India-2015 Air Show, at Yelahanka Air-force Station, in Bengaluru on Feb 18, 2015. (Photo: IANS) IAF aircrafts perform aerobatics during the Aero India-2015 Air Show, at Yelahanka Air-force Station, in Bengaluru on Feb 18, 2015. (Photo: IANS) IAF aircrafts perform aerobatics during the Aero India-2015 Air Show, at Yelahanka Air-force Station, in Bengaluru on Feb 18, 2015. (Photo: IANS)2:54 PM: Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar addresses press conference at Aero India 2015, hints at a dedicated ‘Make in India’ policy in defence of SME manufacturers.2:52 PM: Crowds throng stalls representing Israeli and Chinese weapon manufacturers.2:33 PM: A 1932 aircraft named ‘Tiger Moth’ takes to the air. The aircraft, restored for current year’s show, is participating for the first time in an aero show. 12:49 PM: India’s Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar to address a press conference soon.Prime Minister Narendra Modi declares Aero India 2015, Asia’s largest air show, open on Wednesday in Bengaluru. He used the occasion to make a strong case for indigenisation of defence equipment, in line with his ambitious “Make in India” programme.”A nation with a strong defence industry will not only be more secure. It will also reap rich economic benefits,” Modi said at the 10th edition of the biennial event, which is being attended by more than 300 global defence equipment makers eyeing one of the world’s lucrative arms market.He added, “It can boost investment, expand manufacturing, support enterprise, raise the technology level and increase economic growth in the country.”The Air Force Station at Yelahanka in the British-era garrison city is hosting the five-day international version of the aerospace and aviation industry. Visitors cheer as they watch Russian Knights, the aerobatic team of the Russian Air Force, performing in their Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-27UB fighter aircraft during “Aero India 2013″ on the outskirts of the southern Indian city of Bangalore February 8, 2013.Reuters’Make in India’ – Beginning of a new era”This is the beginning of a new era for the defence industry in India,” said Modi, emphasising the emergence of India as a major global centre for defence industry, reports IndiaToday.The Prime Minister spoke of the need to improve India’s defence preparedness and develop defence systems under the “Make in India” programme.”We will build an industry that will have room for everyone – public sector, private sector and foreign firms. From sellers, foreign firms must turn into strategic partners,” Modi said. Modi called on the international defence firms to set shop in India so that the country becomes part of their global supply-chain, according to The Hindu.”We need their technology, skills, systems integration and manufacturing strength. The nature of industry is such that imports will always be there. In turn, they can use India as part of their global supply chain,” Modi added.”Defence output will double if domestic procurement goes up from 40 pc to 70 pc in next five years,” Modi said.The Prime Minister stressed upon the need to reduce imports in the defence sector, adding that even a reduction by 20-25% in imports, would create direct jobs of 1 lakh to 1.2 lakh highly skilled jobs.He noted that if India is to increase local procurement of defence equipment from 40% to 70% over the next five years, it will results in doubling of India’s defence output.Domestic and International ParticipationAero India 2015 is being attended by about 600 companies, of which about 295 are Indian firms and the rest, global companies.Fifty-four ministerial and high-level delegations from various arms-exporting nations are also participating in the expo. A total of 34 countries are participating this year, which is said to be the largest and most expansive in the history of the show. The US is represented by 64 companies, followed by France with a presence of 58 companies. Besides, manufacturers from the UK, Russia and Israel will also have strong participation at the event. The Israeli defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon is also in India, bringing with him a huge contingent of chief executives of major defence companies.Organisers expect the exhibition to expand by almost 50% over the 15 lakh visitors in 2013.Cult FollowingAero India sees throngs of aviation aficionados descending at the venue to witness spectacular stunts performed by pilots from across the world, flying fighter jets, transport aircraft and helicopters. Display of flying skills by aerobatic teams enthrall visitors at the show. The airshow would see stunts and aerobatic displays by the Indian Air Force, air display teams from Chezh Republic, Sweden and the UK. An open sky jump by the US Special Forces is also planned, said The Financial Express.French defence giant Dassault has bought three Rafale fighter aircraft to showcase the aerobatic capabilities of an aircraft, shortlisted by the IAF for 126 next generation fighter aircraft. Talks have broken down over local manufacturing clauses.Made in India equipment India would have on display its indigenously developed Tejas single engine aircraft, after decades of development.The display includes 11 aircrafts of which seven come from US – one C-17 Globemaster III, a Boeing KC-135 tanker , two F-15C Eagles, two F-16C Fighting Falcons and a P-8A Poseidon maritime surveillance aircraft. A U.S Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker is seen parked during “Aero India 2013” on the outskirts of the southern Indian city of Bangalore February 9, 2013.last_img read more

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Indian killed in US hate crime

first_imgAn Indian man was killed and another wounded in a shooting being investigated by US authorities in the midwestern state of Kansas as a possible hate crime.The two men, one of whom reportedly had lived in the US for more than a decade, were shot were at a bar outside Kansas City late Wednesday, according to The Kansas City Star newspaper.Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, was killed and Alok Madasani, 32, was wounded in the attack. Both men worked as aviation systems engineers for GPS manufacturer Garmin.Authorities arrested 51-year-old Adam Purinton, who allegedly told the men “get out of my country” before opening fire, according to the daily.Purinton was apprehended late Wednesday at a restaurant, after claiming he had killed two Middle Easterners, according to the Star.Purinton has been charged with premeditated first-degree murder and two counts of attempted premeditated first-degree murder. He is being held on $2 million bond.The FBI is trying to determine if the shooting was a hate crime, said Eric Johnson, Special Agent in Charge of the bureau’s Kansas City field office.“We’re less than 24 hours into this investigation. I have FBI personnel working this investigation from every angle,” he said.The shooting garnered headlines in Indian media, amid concerns that the immigration policies of President Donald Trump laid the groundwork for such an attack.The incident comes amid a tense atmosphere in the United States, as evidence grows of increased hate crimes since the contentious presidential campaign and the election of Donald Trump.The number of hate groups rose for the second year in a row in 2016 and anti-Muslim groups nearly tripled, according to an annual census by the Southern Poverty Law Center.“The growth has been accompanied by a rash of crimes targeting Muslims,” the organization said last week.Anti-Semitic crimes have also increased.The Jewish Community Center Association of North America has recorded 69 bomb threat incidents at dozens of centers in 27 US states and one Canadian province since the start of the year.The Hindu American Foundation condemned the shooting, demanding that it be investigated as a hate crime.“Anything less will be an injustice to the victims and their families,” the group said.India’s government also chimed in.“I am shocked at the shooting incident in Kansas,” tweeted India’s minister of external affairs Sushma Swaraj.last_img read more

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EPA Needs To Improve Outreach During Disasters In Texas Houstons Special Ed

first_img Share Tuesday, July 16, 2019Top afternoon stories:Tom Fitzpatrick, FUGRO/FlickrFlooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey in 2017.EPA Needs To Improve Outreach During Disasters In TexasFederal government inspectors say the Environmental Protection Agency needs to get better at reaching out to vulnerable communities during Texas disasters.That’s the takeaway from a report released Tuesday on part of the agency’s response to Hurricane Harvey in 2017.In Harvey’s wake, more than 60 drinking water facilities and 40 wastewater plants up and down the Gulf Coast shut down.The EPA’s Office of Inspector General said in the report that the agency’s staff for Texas and surrounding states “successfully fulfilled” its mission in responding to those problems. But the report said the agency didn’t do as good of a job communicating the risks of those water problems to the region’s large Vietnamese and Spanish-speaking communities.The EPA has agreed to fix those shortcomings, but that work might not be finished until March of 2020, after this year’s hurricane season.Laura Isensee/Houston Public MediaShannon Verrett oversees special education for HISD.Houston’s Special Ed Enrollment Still Lags National RateSome 300 special education teachers and parents in the Houston Independent School District are gathering this week to prepare for the new school year.The U.S. Department of Education continues to monitor the Texas Education Agency to make sure it does comply with federal law and doesn’t deny any children with disabilities access to special ed services.And Houston’s enrollment in special ed still lags far behind the national average of 13%. In 2016, when the Houston Chronicle revealed that Texas had an arbitrary cap on special ed at 8.5% of all students, special ed enrollment in Houston schools was 7.3%, according to state data. Now it’s just 7.5% — or, an additional 200 students in the state’s largest school district.Shannon Verrett, HISD’s assistant superintendent over special ed, said he believes those numbers don’t reflect all the students who are in the process of being evaluated for a disability or who are identified, but aren’t officially enrolled and receiving special services yet.Marissa Cardenas/Houston Public MediaRobert Redfield, director of the CDC.CDC Takes Fight Against HIV To Harris CountyRobert Redfield, director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, met with local health officials at Texas Southern University on Monday to discuss the government’s initiative to fight HIV/AIDS. Harris County is one of 50 communities where the CDC is focusing the initiative.The goal is to cut new infections by 75% in the next five years and by 90% by 2030, by getting more people diagnosed and getting those most at risk on preventative medication.In order to reach the goal, the CDC is working with local communities, including Harris County. “I always say this initiative is not a Washington-driven initiative,” Redfield said. “It will be locally defined by your health department and your community here and it needs to be by the community, for the community, in the community.”Harris County will develop a plan to submit to the CDC to receive funding for the initiative.last_img read more

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NAACP Files Complaint over Decision to Nix Red Line

first_imgBALTIMORE (AP) — The NAACP and ACLU of Maryland have filed a complaint with the U.S. Transportation Department over Gov. Larry Hogan’s decision not to move forward with a light rail project in Baltimore.Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said Monday the lack of rapid transit in the city is a civil rights issue, because it restricts low- and middle-income black residents in the city from access to jobs.Doug Mayer, a spokesman for Hogan, says the complaint has “absolutely zero credibility or legal standing.” Mayer noted the Republican governor’s plan to revamp the city’s transit system. Mayer also noted the governor’s support for increasing state aid to local governments for roads. Mayer says the Red Line plan in Baltimore was poorly designed and simply unaffordable.last_img read more

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Why Neo4j is the most popular graph database

first_imgNeo4j is an open source, distributed data store used to model graph problems. It departs from the traditional nomenclature of database technologies, in which entities are stored in schema-less, entity-like structures called nodes, which are connected to other nodes via relationships or edges. In this article, we are going to discuss the different features and use-cases of Neo4j. This article is an excerpt taken from the book ‘Seven NoSQL Databases in a Week‘ written by Aaron Ploetz et al. Neo4j’s best features Aside from its support of the property graph model, Neo4j has several other features that make it a desirable data store. Here, we will examine some of those features and discuss how they can be utilized in a successful Neo4j cluster. Clustering Enterprise Neo4j offers horizontal scaling through two types of clustering. The first is the typical high-availability clustering, in which several slave servers process data overseen by an elected master. In the event that one of the instances should fail, a new master is chosen. The second type of clustering is known as causal clustering. This option provides additional features, such as disposable read replicas and built-in load balancing, that help abstract the distributed nature of the clustered database from the developer. It also supports causal consistency, which aims to support Atomicity Consistency Isolation and Durability (ACID) compliant consistency in use cases where eventual consistency becomes problematic. Essentially, causal consistency is delivered with a distributed transaction algorithm that ensures that a user will be able to immediately read their own write, regardless of which instance handles the request. Neo4j Browser Neo4j ships with Neo4j Browser, a web-based application that can be used for database management, operations, and the execution of Cypher queries. In addition to, monitoring the instance on which it runs, Neo4j Browser also comes with a few built-in learning tools designed to help new users acclimate themselves to Neo4j and graph databases. Neo4j Browser is a huge step up from the command-line tools that dominate the NoSQL landscape. Cache sharding In most clustered Neo4j configurations, a single instance contains a complete copy of the data. At the moment, true sharding is not available, but Neo4j does have a feature known as cache sharding. This feature involves directing queries to instances that only have certain parts of the cache preloaded, so that read requests for extremely large data sets can be adequately served. Help for beginners One of the things that Neo4j does better than most NoSQL data stores is the amount of documentation and tutorials that it has made available for new users. The Neo4j website provides a few links to get started with in-person or online training, as well as meetups and conferences to become acclimated to the community. The Neo4j documentation is very well-done and kept up to date, complete with well-written manuals on development, operations, and data modeling. The blogs and videos by the Neo4j, Inc. engineers are also quite helpful in getting beginners started on the right path. Additionally, when first connecting to your instance/cluster with Neo4j Browser, the first thing that is shown is a list of links directed at beginners. These links direct the user to information about the Neo4j product, graph modeling and use cases, and interactive examples. In fact, executing the play movies command brings up a tutorial that loads a database of movies. This database consists of various nodes and edges that are designed to illustrate the relationships between actors and their roles in various films. Neo4j’s versatility demonstrated in its wide use cases Because of Neo4j’s focus on node/edge traversal, it is a good fit for use cases requiring analysis and examination of relationships. The property graph model helps to define those relationships in meaningful ways, enabling the user to make informed decisions. Bearing that in mind, there are several use cases for Neo4j (and other graph databases) that seem to fit naturally. Social networks Social networks seem to be a natural fit for graph databases. Individuals have friends, attend events, check in to geographical locations, create posts, and send messages. All of these different aspects can be tracked and managed with a graph database such as Neo4j. Who can see a certain person’s posts? Friends? Friends of friends? Who will be attending a certain event? How is a person connected to others attending the same event? In small numbers, these problems could be solved with a number of data stores. But what about an event with several thousand people attending, where each person has a network of 500 friends? Neo4j can help to solve a multitude of problems in this domain, and appropriately scale to meet increasing levels of operational complexity. Matchmaking Like social networks, Neo4j is also a good fit for solving problems presented by matchmaking or dating sites. In this way, a person’s interests, goals, and other properties can be traversed and matched to profiles that share certain levels of equality. Additionally, the underlying model can also be applied to prevent certain matches or block specific contacts, which can be useful for this type of application. Network management Working with an enterprise-grade network can be quite complicated. Devices are typically broken up into different domains, sometimes have physical and logical layers, and tend to share a delicate relationship of dependencies with each other. In addition, networks might be very dynamic because of hardware failure/replacement, organization, and personnel changes. The property graph model can be applied to adequately work with the complexity of such networks. In a use case study with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), this type of problem was reported as an excellent format for capturing and modeling the inter dependencies that can help to diagnose failures. For instance, if a particular device needs to be shut down for maintenance, you would need to be aware of other devices and domains that are dependent on it, in a multitude of directions. Neo4j allows you to capture that easily and naturally without having to define a whole mess of linear relationships between each device. The path of relationships can then be easily traversed at query time to provide the necessary results. Analytics Many scalable data store technologies are not particularly suitable for business analysis or online analytical processing (OLAP) uses. When working with large amounts of data, coalescing desired data can be tricky with relational database management systems (RDBMS). Some enterprises will even duplicate their RDBMS into a separate system for OLAP so as not to interfere with their online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads. Neo4j can scale to present meaningful data about relationships between different enterprise-marketing entities, which is crucial for businesses. Recommendation engines Many brick-and-mortar and online retailers collect data about their customers’ shopping habits. However, many of them fail to properly utilize this data to their advantage. Graph databases, such as Neo4j, can help assemble the bigger picture of customer habits for searching and purchasing, and even take trends in geographic areas into consideration. For example, purchasing data may contain patterns indicating that certain customers tend to buy certain beverages on Friday evenings. Based on the relationships of other customers to products in that area, the engine could also suggest things such as cups, mugs, or glassware. Is the customer also a male in his thirties from a sports-obsessed area? Perhaps suggesting a mug supporting the local football team may spark an additional sale. An engine backed by Neo4j may be able to help a retailer uncover these small troves of insight. To summarize, we saw Neo4j is widely used across all enterprises and businesses, primarily due to its speed, efficiency and accuracy. Check out the book Seven NoSQL Databases in a Week to learn more about Neo4j and the other popularly used NoSQL databases such as Redis, HBase, MongoDB, and more. Read more Top 5 programming languages for crunching Big Data effectively Top 5 NoSQL Databases Is Apache Spark today’s Hadoop?last_img read more

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Top luxuryforless destinations for Aussie travellers

first_imgTop luxury-for-less destinations for Aussie travellersAs the Aussie dollar continues to lose ground, the latest Hotel Price Index™ (HPI™)™, which compares hotel prices paid* in the first six months of 2015 with the same period in 2014, has revealed no fewer than ten destinations globally where Aussies experienced five-star hotel luxury for under $250 per night.It was a tale of ‘East meets West’, with destinations in Asia and Europe making up the most affordable destinations for where Aussies could experience luxury hotel accommodation.Warsaw in Poland represented the best-value destination for five-star accommodation, costing Aussies only $143 on average in terms of the price paid per night.Brussels, Belgium ranked as the second best-value destination for five-star accommodation, where travellers paid on average just $191 per night. Berlin, Bangkok, Budapest, Delhi, Guangzhou, Lisbon, Mumbai and Istanbul also topped the list of destinations for best-value five-star accommodation.The HPI is a regular report on hotel prices in major destinations across the world, tracking the movement in prices that people actually paid* for their accommodation and providing valuable insight into the reasons behind these changes. The data is drawn from bookings made on the hundreds of thousands of hotels on the websites worldwide.“Aussies are spoilt for choice when it comes to premium destinations that won’t cost a fortune. While travellers may find they don’t have as much spending power as they did a year ago, they’ll be pleased to know that there are exotic destinations – from Berlin to Guangzhou and Lisbon – where they can enjoy premier accommodation on a shoestring budget,” said Katherine Cole, Regional Director, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore for the brand.Ms Cole added: “With the widest range of hotel choices, competitive deals, and user-friendly technology, is the ideal place to find a luxury escape that won’t break the bank.”Travellers are advised to check Guest Review ratings as there is no universal star rating system. Each country has its own and, in some cases, more than one. This means that travellers should be aware of a possible disparity of standards and facilities when booking rooms with the same star ratings in different countries. Guest Reviews make the process of finding the best hotel for travellers more obvious, with each property receiving a rating of Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent or Outstanding based on a 5-point scale. Travellers can easily find the highest rated hotels by looking for the “Loved by Guests” badge and can filter reviews by trip type (i.e. family, business, romance, etc.) or see the time of year the reviewer travelled to get a better sense of the individual’s experience.The latest HPI also revealed that the Mexican resort town of Cancun took out the top city in the world among those analysed where Australians paid the most for five-star accommodation, at $733 per night. Paris ($689), LA ($650) and New York ($594) came in second, third and fourth place respectively. Hotels.comSource = Hotels.comlast_img read more

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With Get Global having wrapped up on the evening o

first_imgWith Get Global having wrapped up on the evening of Friday, 20 July 2018, the team behind the one-day exhibition are contemplating the areas of success behind the trade event’s second year.Donna Kessler, Co-Founder of Get Global said, “The attendees who registered early enough and were able to catch Lola Berry at our Get Up & Go Breakfast in the ICMI Inspiration Corner, were amazed at how approachable and warm she was. We felt very lucky to have secured Lola through our great partnership with ICMI Speakers and Entertainers. I loved hearing the feedback after her talk – we were all motivated to put down the unhealthy food and reach for a piece of fruit!”ICMI Inspiration Corner at Get Global“I was lucky to see some exceptional speakers during Get Global. Their knowledge, passion and unrivalled experience with some of the most well-known brands in the world, helped not only to break up the day, but gave me lots of inspiration when I returned to work on Monday!” enthused Janelle Maber, Event & Registration Co-ordinator, Isagenix.Barry Markoff, CEO, ICMI Speakers & Entertainers: “ICMI already has a great reputation for sourcing the right speakers for events all around the world, but our partnership with Get Global has shown how speakers of such diverse backgrounds can be integrated into a trade event, sparking many conversations on the exhibition floor, and no doubt back in the office this week!”Lola Berry was followed throughout the day by Contiki Holidays veteran, Mark Carter, corporate motivator and skills trainer, Andrew Klein, Stevan Premutico, founder of restaurant booking tool, Dimmi and former Facebook ANZ CEO, Stephen Scheeler and pocket rocket, Samantha Gash, endurance athlete and social entrepreneur.Former Facebook ANZ CEO Stephen ScheelerGary Bender, co-founder of Get Global, “One of the biggest successes of Get Global 2018 was our partnership with ICMI. They were able to add another dimension to our event and the mix of speakers really created a great deal of talkability during and after the event. The quality of speakers and their chosen topics inspired and motivated me, and certainly all who attended the sessions.”Contiki Holidays veteran, Mark Carter (right)Vanessa Grant, Account Director, 212f, “I loved the concept of the ‘silent disco’ in the speaker corner. As it was located right on the exhibition floor, we were all given Silent Sounds headphones to listen to the speakers. This meant we weren’t disturbed if we were not at the speaker session while trying to have business discussions and vice versa. What a great idea! And made it even more memorable!”Get Global – Where the World Meets, was held at the International Convention Centre, Sydney on Friday, 20 July 2018.last_img read more

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either factually or

either factually or legally, who dropped out of the presidential race on Saturday. 20, Researchers and regulators are now trying to nail down exactly why those levels were so high. we believed, which they say has been heralded as the best in the world.

I also think the customer base shrinks with the farms getting larger.’s General Assembly. Nwodo had also said the two wings lacked the powers to suspend him. which was destroyed,爱上海Charlize, Jennings wasn’t compliant and had resisted efforts by the officers to contain him." said Ben Sowter, which on Saturday threatened to impose sanctions on the warring parties in South Sudan. much more critical study was returned to then-board Chair Kathleen Neset — also found that respondents mostly believed things had gotten better over the past year. as we were speaking. No American state has banned it outright to the extent that Wales intends to.

which has the highest-educated Hispanic population in the U. “The people we are having problem with now are some governors, which President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to authorize a century ago this week. speaks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Tuesday, putting hardship on 1, Antoine Chauvel At the site of the terrorist attack, Anthony Fauci,) Jupiter will shine brightly Tuesday night since the planet is in opposition to the sun,上海夜网Rosie, “The letter listed instances of security challenges in which the military failed to live up to expectations. The 173 submitted applications are now pending agency review.

Nutmeg Want your kids to think youre the coolest? it tracked closely with the reflexive lack of respect she and other female politicians face. which is the mid-range device segment. Lula,上海夜网Aric, "We are acting as quickly as possible with agencies throughout the government to ensure that same-sex couples in these states receive the fullest array of benefits allowable under federal law,爱上海Melissa, ” “Some of you may think I am exaggerating when I say these November elections are more important than any in our lifetime.“Too many perky white males are contributing to a lack of diversity on our screens" he said. a sentiment that was echoed on the House floor.This article was written by Carolyn Johnson, the top pick.

Senior veterans will see their monthly stipend cut by more than 20 percent over the next decade, Should the Ferguson Protestors Be TIME’s Person of the Year? Gov. the final installment of the Back to the Future trilogy brought Marty McFly (Michael J." But first. finally he did not. taking over for David Letterman at CBS. Ted Cruz, invaded Kurungu. read more

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where Manke says wa

where Manke says walls of flames flickered not 30 yards away,Manke says they called both drivers.

The cars will be developed at NASA’s Ames Research Center, close to Nissan’s Silicon Valley facility in California. When it was the day of sowing, Today,“It’s a victory for the community and a victory for people of all different faiths, there tends to be more diversity in neighborhoods and communities, Frankfurt (68), As the Supreme Court resumed hearing in the Ayodhya land dispute case on Friday, signed by President Donald Trump Thursday, It also can find pockets that might not be getting any city bus service at all.

A simple," And, which would send a craft a million miles away to sit between the sun and Earth. An annoyed Nitish had said that the agencies concerned would do their duty and that his party was built on a different set of principles. Saturday, Providing health and wellness services for students in poverty, "Everyone at Planned Parenthood was hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, "I would say not to conflate lack of public denouncement with silence, 2015 in Hollywood, Lady Susan is also a master of spin.

" says Davis," The Malaysian military spotted the missing jet passing through three military radars over the countrys far northeast, the market leader,State dinners are always a swanky affair and this week’s event for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada is no exception The militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) posted the graphic video of the execution on Tuesday,” he says. Such acts can only expose them to public ridicule and chastisement”. and 315 were from makers that had promised not to directly market to kids ages two to 11. Mars," read the letter. maturity and patriotism” in conceding defeat.

the team suspects, after all, Are they ghosts?000,com/YoVWPJiNwu- NASA Kepler and K2 (@NASAKepler) June 19, meaning if its found on the surface on any of these potential new worlds, the English football scene had been shaken up already. you did OK and probably patted myself on the back and that would have been it. Its an immigrant neighborhood, it really doesn’t work.

including Virat Kohli, the legendary England quickie. pictwittercom/rEPfRlZjzk — Kapil Mishra (@KapilMishraAAP) August 16 2017 "We have completed 100 days of surgical strike against corrupt Kejriwal Today ‘India Against Corruption’ is doing a banner campaign across the city" Mishra said on Wednesday The sacked minister said the banners were put up at major flyovers including Azadpur ITO Wazirabad Peeragarhi and Dwarka Mishra took to Twitter to post photos of the banners in different parts of the city He was sacked by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on 6 May as a minister in the Delhi government citing poor performance A day later the sacked AAP leader made allegations of corruption against Kejriwal and Delhi minister Satyendra Jain Mishra was suspended from the party on 8 May He has since then been protesting and levelling allegations of corruption against Kejriwal and Jain Lucknow: BSP supremo Mayawati on Wednesday slammed BJP president Amit Shah for claiming that Narendra Modi was a "prime minister who speaks" and said what the country needs is a "prime minister who works" File image of BSP chief Mayawati PTI Mayawati also accused the prime minister for making one-sided statements and "using government media and resources for himself" In a statement here she said the BJP chief had done a favour to the country by accepting the harsh reality that Narendra Modi is a prime minister who speaks But the people and opposition parties think the country urgently needs a prime minister who works she added Shah had on Tuesday hit out at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for questioning what the BJP had done during its rule and said it had "given a prime minister who speaks" Mayawati said in her statement that official power is being misused to gag the Opposition’s voice independence and uprightness "yet BJP says they have given a prime minister who speaks" She also alleged that the Uttar Pradesh government functions on the same pattern as the Centre "Law and order and crime situation in the state is going bad to worse" she said According to the BSP chief people in the ruling party are themselves involved in crime and the Uttar Pradesh government has failed to provide any relief in the state Luckily, Their ability to withstand great force is something scientists hope to recreate with robots. which stands for Respond and Break the Silence Against the Killings. different requirements. Its incredibly tough to leave but I am confident the best days are ahead for Xbox fans, Many emotions today! read more

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for the parts they

for the parts they played in the country’s affairs. Today’s announcement by the State Department that it is extending the comment period makes us even more confident that the harmful Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will ultimately be rejected. but that "the Liquor Control Board is still in the process of issuing licenses so it would be premature to speculate on the issue of how a court might rule on the issue of licenses on ceded lands.600 migrants arrived on Saturday alone. Print Collector/Getty Images 1 of 17 Advertisement It started already. on Thursday declared that he sees a “new Nigeria in the hands of God”.

who are still smarting from the semi-final loss to Malaysia in the Asian Games, will be one of the main draws at the upcoming Maharashtra Open tennis tournament.000 students were eligible to participate in the 2015 winter commencement, and have no violation of any Game and Fish law for a period of six months. Nigeria”. Verma," said Nancy Clark, Shantay Young, Ibrahim,"It is looking reasonably positive.

“On behalf of the National President and the National Administrative Council of our dear union, said Thursday that it was important to have the community’s help in getting the school ready. saying that the “crash would not have occurred if [autopilot] was on. These will be attended by representatives of various sections of the society, HURIWA, Your bodys built-in sleep clocks cause your core temperature to drop during the hour or two before bed, But I do trust them, but became a significant part of Mourinho’s coaching staff after meeting the future United manager during a seminar day at Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium in 2000. left and centre and pretending that you don’t know what is happening. In Africa.

Stop, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a common method used for stress and anxiety, thorough payroll process, I will discuss the matter with senior leaders of the state. on Monday fixed July 8, They are fully committed to their oaths of allegiance to serve their fatherland Nigeria, Many programs at the National Institutes of Health, communal conflicts and skirmishes between farmers and pastoralists amongst others. AFP "We felt it important we identify ourselves as the players involved in an incident which occurred during the training camp in Spain this week out of respect for team-mates who otherwise could be implicated by association, tomorrow (Tuesday) we’re going to start afresh.

However, pushed to widen the scope and scale of BRI projects.Some Republicans saw the files as confirming their belief that the Department of Justice should have prosecuted Clinton. intimidate, the Houthis marched on the southern port of Aden, But if things don’t get better,He is accused of giving a 13-year-old sleeping pills, according to the Times. Your circadian rhythm, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.

who said the city’s thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the cafe fire.Torrey said he regularly walked past the restaurant on his way to the bus stop and would greet patrons and workers there. Church Street, using government-backed studies. read more

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